Politik XIII


POLITIK                                                          imagofeminae  Autumn  2016 Nr. XIII 



Paiman Maria Davarifard

The First Lady of the United States of America is going to be a person with much phantasy not only  for fashion, glamour  and body consciousness but also  for wealth and political power.  Will it affect and change the female image in the United States or even in the world?

Will it influence the gender policies in the society? Posing for a self made picture in a mirror, Melania shows to be able to have a sence for self consciousness and self definition, having control for creating her own image.  As a Model, she has been open to the camera and also to her own self. Despite all the taboos made by the norms of each society, she has been free to show her own body the way she chose to do it in the public and last but not least, as a mother, a wife and  as a free first lady.

With an interest for design and architecture    and working as a model  in Paris, Milan and New York, she has been close to arts and artists like Helmut Newton,  covering the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair or New York Magazine, acting also at tv commercials. Since 2010 she has her own  design of jewelry collection.


Melania has  immigrated  to the United States and now found the opportunity to make history, shaping new ways of female worlds. It  starts with a new body culture of women. Free to wear whatever she prefers to and to show her body the way she wants it. Signs of a female authonomy and the self creation of a woman. A strong a free and a brave  First Lady.

image: Melania Trump by Melania Trump 2015 © Courtesy of Melania Trump