Aktuell XIII

AKTUELL                                                       imagofeminae  Autumn  2016 Nr. XIII 

image: micaela Schäfer @Venus 2013 Berlin. foto ©imagofeminae


Portrait of a woman

by Paiman Maria Davarifard

The female model Micaela Schäfer is making career in the german- european and international media  (cover of the german PENTHOUSE 10/11 2016), presenting her version of female body and   her very personal way of representing it. In "The portrait of a woman" we try to give a picture of a female biography which has been experienced and lived by her.

(Comming Soon)

In her book "Lieber nackt als gar keine Masche" engl.: "Rather naked than no trick at all" Micaela Schäfer is talking about her childhood, her puberty and the way she found to her body, to her sexuality and later to the media and to the public. Book cover: ©Heyne Verlag Germany

image: Micaela Schäfer presenting herself @ venus 2016 in Berlin. Photo© realitylovers.

image:  Micaela Schäfer  placing her signature under her own photos @ venus 2016 in Berlin. Photo© realitylovers.

IMAGOFEMINAE INTERVIEW the female body Micaela Schäfer & Sophia Wollersheim VENUS 2013 ART & CULTURE

IMAGOFEMINAE PERSONALITIES Micaela Schäfer & Image, Vorbilder, Weiblichkeit 16. Venus Berlin 2012

image: Micaela Schäfer @ Venus 2016 Berlin  photo:© Jörg Panten- imagofeminae

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