imagofeminae Nr. VII

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weiblichkeit zwischen image & identität a free online women's magazine Summer/Herbst 2014 Nr. VII

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Cover: Photo 2014 by © Mia Florentine Weiss -Muttertier- C-Print, 90 x 195 cm, Ed. Of 3. Trilogie „Place of Protection“. INSIDE OUT, eine poetische Installation. Ausstellung: SURVIVORS kuratiert von Prof. Wolfgang Petrick. Stiftung STARKE Berlin, Löwenpalais  12.06 -13.07.2014.

Mia Florentine Weiss (Muttertier) -  Ileana Pascalau  ("Lascivia" On Lust & Drawing) -  Die Antigones (Frauen- Bewegung & Organisation, ein Manifest)  Maria Markina (Interview)



A free magazine can offer an open space for different ideas. Even if controdictional and sometimes odd, diversity of images and constructs of gender and femininity are parts of a whole which are changing continuously.  Women produce different perceptions through science, economy, politics, art, culture, religion and also through their relationships amongst the family. In this issue, we try to offer such a space in which the controdictional perceptions   can coexist... and we appreciate it !


Paiman Maria Davarifard

imagofeminae editorial


"Lascivia"   On Lust & Drawing

Ileana Pascalau (artist)  INTERVIEW


by Paiman Maria Davarifard 

Photo by Christian Rose © 2014


female ART & CULTURE

Mia Florentine Weiss -Muttertier

Interview & Reportage

von Paiman Maria Davarifard

Foto: Mia Florentine Weiss


Die Antigones in Paris

Frauen- Bewegung & Organisation

ein Manifest



die russische Mezzosopranistin

Maria Markina Мария Маркина

in einem Gespräch.

Von Paiman Maria Davarifard