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image: Hotching 200 x 100 cm von Carolina Simonelli - Courtesy of Carolina simonelli.


Painter & Artist

Carolina Simonelli *1979 in South Argentina, is an Artist living and working in Buenos Aires.

Working as an Art Director in this field for a couple of years, later she started her own way in arts.

She studied with different artists, drawing, the use of colors and painting. She began to work with collage and papers in 2007. In 2010 she met the Argentian artist, Hernán Salamanco, who has been her teacher for five years. Now she assists him in some projects. Although during those years she found her own style and went deeper in the world of collage and colors.

Since 2010 her work grows in productivity and size, as a result of a constant exploration of her materials and the study of the relation between colors.

February 2017 Solo exhibiton curated by Luciana Massarino at Johanssen Gallery, Berlin (Direkrorenhaus).

An Interview with carolina Simonelli & imagofeminae will be published soon.

image: Carolina Simonelli Copyright Courtery of Carolina Simonelli 2017

image: Everything starts with an Utopia

50 x 70 cm. Carolina Simonelli . Directorenhaus Berlin 2017- Johanssen Gallery Berlin.