AKTUELL                                            Spring 2018 # XVII                   imagofeminae.com

"What do we mean by resistance now? How do we name and describe what we oppose? Although some claim that social media has become the public sphere, it still matters that people in large numbers take to the street or go on strike. And yet, as we know both the Right and the Left take to the streets, and both claim that they are excluded from the dominant forms of politics. How do we then distinguish forms of assembly and mobilization that we call progressive and democratic from those which, in the name of the people, seek to deny equality and limit inclusion? And when the Left is divided, how does mobilization work without denying vital and illuminating differences? What distinguishes a paralyzing conflict from a dynamic antagonism? From  HAU      Pressrelease  to Judith Butler   "Resistance for the Present" 2018




Judith Butler


Rahel Jaeggi und Sabine Hark

So  April 29, 2018 Berlin  19:00 h

Habbel am Ufer HAU

Stresemennstr. 29, 10963 Berlin

"Fearless Speech # 15" by HAU